Sunday, July 01, 2007

Just another Sunday

I got up to go to early Mass at 8:30. Went to Sunday school at 9:45 and was home a little after 11:00. I rushed to get everything done. Made the cake first, cut the chicken, started the rice and then cooked the chicken before I had to go pick my students at camp. I had to go get more rice as the stuff I made didn't cook right for some reason, so I just did instant, which I generally do not like, but didn't have the time to cook regular rice again. I finished the cashew chicken once we arrived home and made a glaze for the cake. The students seemed to enjoy it. They stayed about an hour.

After lunch I did the dishes (can you believe it?), started some laundry, and then continued reading my book. I've now finished the 5th Harry Potter book and will start the 6th this evening. I probably should have timed it better, but I'm just a fast reader. Oh well.

Tonight I'm making baked ziti for dinner. It's easy and fairly quick. I don't have anything else planned other than reading. I should fold some laundry, but I think I'll avoid that for now.

Summer blogged a nice thank you for the rosary I sent her. I'm very glad she liked it. I have several more to make now... I might get started on that this evening. As I've cleaned I found several sacks of beads that I've bought and for the most part forgotten about. Now I have everything in one place with a place to work. Well, dinner is almost ready so I'm going to close for now.

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