Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday again

It seems that time is moving faster and school will be starting before I know it. There's just not enough time it seems. I got up around 8:30 and piddled on the computer for a bit. I got stuff ready to go to Hereford and then took Josh to work. I was going to go ahead and go to Hereford, but I thought that maybe I should wait a bit. I came home and did a little cleaning. I watched some t.v. I played some games on the computer. I'm going to head to Hereford in just a few minutes and see what I can get done. My brother is coming over around 5:00 to look at the fridge again. I'm going to dinner with my friend Kirsten tonight. Well, I better head out if I'm going to get any work done today. I'm taking my camera so I can get some "before" pictures.


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It is hard to believe school is soon to start back. Vacations get shorter and shorter every year for students and teachers. I can't wait to see some pictures as well.