Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The second half of my Wednesday

No, I didn't practice like I should have. I think I'll be faking a bit tomorrow. But if anyone is interested and in the Texas panhandle, you're welcome to come to the director's band concert. It will be tomorrow (Thurs.) afternoon at 3:00 in Northen Recital Hall. (no, I didn't misspell Northen... that's the name) Instead of practicing I looked up all the unknown numbers on my caller i.d. on this site trying to figure if they're telemarketers or collection agents or something else altogether. I was able to get some good information... not that I'm going to answer the phone.

I got a real letter in the mail today. Prison Pete finally wrote back. I have been a very bad pen pal and I didn't write to him for probably a year. I finally wrote him in May and he responded to my letter. It was good to hear from him. The problem is that he kind of knows me from my early blog writings (that I sent him a long time ago) and I think I've changed quite a bit. It's hard to explain, but I tried to catch him up as much as possible. I've been having some banter with Vital in Pete's comments section about Pete. I understand where she's coming from and empathize with her, but for those of you familiar with Pete's blog know that he's not going to reveal his crime to his readers... at least in his blog. Well.. enough about that. I wrote Pete back and I'm actually going to send the letter in the mail tomorrow. (This might be first.)

I went to band rehearsal. Same as always. I did see Josh. Not only did he get his phone wet at the amusement park, but he dropped it as well and cracked the screen. So I guess we'll have to upgrade his phone. He said he hasn't learned anything new in the college prep theory class at camp. (It's supposed to prepare the students for music theory class in college) I talked to my friend Kirsten about it (she is a music theory teacher at another University and her dad is a retired theory teacher) and she said that she would get Josh some materials and indicated that Josh could possibly come work with her dad during the year. Josh has given him some of his music to critique already, but I think he could use some regular lessons.

I came home from band and talked with a couple of friends online. The guy that had 3 chances to meet me (but never came through) says he's going to come to my concert tomorrow. I won't hold my breath. I made dinner and ate too much. But I tried to redeem myself by going for a walk. I'm going to try to make it a regular habit. I really enjoyed my walk over to the park yesterday to take pictures. Tonight I took my mp3 player and listened to music during my walk which was a little over a mile. O.k. I have to start small.

I finished the first two chapters in my Mary Spirit book and I'm going to start the study guide. So far the book is good... but it does resonate a protestant attitude... which isn't bad, but I still have some issues in that respect. I think I'm going to do the study guide for the first two chapters and then call it a night. I think (I hope) I can sleep well again. I've had a full day and I didn't even take a nap.


~Vital~ said...

Like I said annabell over at "Prison Pete's", I did not mean to upset or offend you. That is why I kept the subject matter at "Prison Pete"s" where it all began. None of my comments in my first post was aimed at you.I have said I thought you are a lovely person, I did not mean to hit a soft spot with. I apologize if I did. I will not return to his blog.

Annabel said...

Just to clarify Vital... you did not upset or offend me in the least. It's not a soft spot with me at all. When I said "banter" I meant that in friendly terms of simply commenting back and forth with a difference of opinion. I know you didn't aim your comments at me personally. I definitely understand your concerns about reading his blog and it is certainly your decision to not read it. There is nothing wrong with that choice. I hope I didn't offend you by commenting in my blog... I just put whatever is on my mind in it and since I had received a letter from him, I commented about it. I know others that have read his blog before have also chosen to stop reading his blog because they didn't know his crime. Again... to each his own.
So with that said... thank you for saying I'm a lovely person. I guess that has to come through in my blog and I appreciate you reading it. Take care and I hope you at least continue reading my blog. I've been following yours as well and one of these days I'll to go back and read previous entries.