Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fighting Insomnia

Well, it's hitting again. I tried going to bed around 10:45, but it just didn't work. I kept thinking about the new room situation at school and contemplating how I would set it up and decorate it etc. I felt really tired at 7:30 this evening, but forced myself to stay up and even though I felt tired when I went to bed, I couldn't fall asleep. I finally gave up and took a tylenol p.m. and am waiting for it to hit.

I didn't do much tonight. After the concert, I came home and got on the computer. I had a couple of IM conversations. I was a bit irked by one guy that was trying to get me to "invest" in one of those "multi-level marketing" deals because he thought it was in my best interests as a single parent. He took offense when I told him I wasn't interested and I called it a pyramid scheme. (Because like all such things you have to buy your way in and then recruit others to make money.) The thing is that I contacted him with a friendly question a while back and he pounces on me.

I heated a frozen dinner around 7:00, watched some t.v., read a little and then tried to call it a night. It was a good thing I got up because Josh called me tonight to let me know when he'll be checking out of his dorm tomorrow. Well, I feel the drugs kicking in so I'll give sleep another try.


Summer said...

Just stopping by to say HI! I hope you'll get some rest tonight. I thought about you while I was gone, as I carried the rosary with me on my vacation. Thank you again. So very much.

I'm going to stop by and check on our boy Andrew now.

Leann said...

So did the guy who said he was gonna come to your concert show??

I can empathize on the insomnia thing. I didn't go to sleep till after midnight last night and up at 5a...uggghhh....just could not sleep even tho I'm dead tired. HATE that!!

I enjoyed the pics and if you can show me a pretty rosary with yelloe colors in it I just may buy it ;-)

Annabel said...

Glad you're back Summer. I've missed you!!! I'm glad you're enjoying the rosary. I did post pictures of them online. Did you check them out?

Leann- no the guy didn't come again... yet something else came up. He went to the ER the night before and couldn't come. I don't have any yellow beads... they're hard to come by for some reason... even though I did see some this week... but I didn't buy them. I'll get some next time and keep looking for them. I do have one that is more topaz/amber colored, however. I'll try to post a picture online soon.