Friday, July 13, 2007

My Rosaries

Early in my Catholic journey I learned to make rosaries. I made my first one in the fall of 2005 as I was in RCIA class. By the time Easter Vigil arrived, I made one for every person entering the Church with me along with a few others. Since then, I've made several more that I've given away to others like my friend Summer. I've probably made 40+ rosaries at this point and every one of them have been unique. I've never sold one as they have all been gifts. I can't even tell you how much I've spent in making them, but it's just something I enjoy. Each rosary costs anywhere from a couple of dollars to make to upwards of $15 depending on the kind of beads, centers and crosses I use. I may have to start selling them just to keep my habit up. I really don't know if there would be a market for them, but I've received compliments from every person that has received one. I've always enjoyed being creative and crafty and this is something that incorporates that. It is a moment of peace that lets me get away from the world for a few moments when I make them. I hope and pray that every person that has received one of my rosaries has been able to use it to further their spiritual life. I don't pray the rosary as much as I should. Sometimes, I do recite it as I string each bead. Now that I have a craft room again, I've been more active in making them - that is until I've run out of materials. I'll have to wait until payday next week to replenish my supplies.

At this point I have 21 rosaries at home. (Aside from my personal rosaries.) I've put 20 of them online if you'd like to see them. I have another that I'm holding on to with someone in mind that I'd like to give it to. If you're interested in a rosary, email me and let me know and we'll figure out a price. If you'd like me to make one for you, I can do that as well. Several I've made with the person it's going to in mind and I try to chose colors/materials that seem to fit them.


Terri said...

Wow; I checked out the link. Your rosaries are beautiful. My husband and I aren't Catholic but we have a rosary that was his grandmothers and I love it. Very nice work! I used to make bracelets and it was a very relaxing and satisfying hobby.

Susanlee said...

Those are amazing, I didn't know rosaries could look like that, I thought they had to be all...solemn. I particularly love the shell/bone one. I'm going to check with Justin, but I think I want to get you to make one for my mother in law, I'll let you know and we can talk about price.

Annabel said...

Thanks Terri. Yes it is very relaxing and satisfying.

Susan. I'd love to make one for your mother-in-law. Do talk to Justin and I'm sure we can come up with something. Even though rosaries are solemn prayer vessels, I think they can still have personality.