Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I've been looking at jobs that would utilize my current skills. I have knowledge of most MS programs like word, excel, powerpoint, and outlook. I am also skilled in Pagemaker, Photoshop, and InDesign.
I would love to find a part time job as a graphic artist. Unfortunately I need skills in Illustrator and possibly Dreamweaver.
I found a place where I can take classes in the aformentioned areas but they cost $175 each. That would be 4 classes because they have Illustrator 1&2 as well as Dreamweaver 1&2.
That's $700 to get the skills to get a better or part time job. Problem is I need a job to get the money to take the classes.
I'd call that a catch-22.

I've also checked into getting my masters and library certification. I can do it online through the University of North Texas. Money is still a problem.
First I need to take the GRE. That means I have to pay to take it. I also have to find time to study for it. That shouldn't be a problem as my work schedule is getting light the next month & a half.
Then assuming I make a decent score on the GRE and can qualify to get into UNT as a graduate student, it will cost about $2600 a semester and I'd need about 3 semesters of 12 hours each to get my masters and certification. From what I've found, there's not a lot of scholarships and grants available to graduate students. Getting a loan is an option, but that just means adding another bill that I can't pay.
If I did get my certification and got a job, I'd be starting from scratch on the pay scale and would make less as a first year librarian than I would as a 5 year teacher. (But it would still be more than I'm getting in my current job.)

I make too much money, but not enough. Sometimes life was simpler on welfare. It's doubtful though that I can find a house for rent for $75 a month again though. Those were the days.

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Summer said...

I understand that situation of making too much money but not enough. I think they call that the working poor. As much as I love this country I live in, they certainly could spend their money more wisely to help those in need. Getting your masters is an excellent idea! Keep trying to figure out how to do it!