Friday, March 18, 2005

Up and running

Got a new power adapter for my laptop. So now I'm up and running. My house is also clean. Nothing like company coming over to make me get to it. My aunt is in town and she stopped by to see me and the house. (It used to be her house) She hadn't seen it since I moved in and did some of my own decorating.
We're going out to dinner tonight to Red Lobster. It's for my cousin's birthday and also because my aunt & uncle are in town. It should be fun.
I actually got to speak to Marty. He called briefly yesterday.
Now I'm debating whether or not I want to start the task of cleaning out the garage/attic/shed this weekend. Weather is clearing up, but weekend may not be enough time. I originally had Monday off, but due to issues with some schools, I have to travel pretty much all of next week except for Friday.
I still need to practice my clarinet music for showcase.
Oh, I finally got notice on my other tax refund. It turns out it was delayed because I forgot to send in the Schedule EIC for my earned income credit. (I actually qualified this year!) So my return is going to be $130 less than figured. However, I did return the Schedule EIC and was told I'll still be issued that money as well, but I'm guessing it will come separately. Good news is that the other refund minus the $130 will be here soon. Since I'm basically caught up on bills, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Part of it will pay Josh's remaining band camp. Then I'll have about $300 left. I may save it and use it to fly to see Marty if I can help drive him down here. But I'd have to talk to him about it so I guess that means he'll have to call... geez.
Well, I gotta go iron some clothes and start making myself presentable for going out tonight.

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