Sunday, March 20, 2005

Palm Sunday

I went to Mass today. I felt a little awkward as I tend to do in new situations, but it wasn't bad. Since I've attended Episcopal services with my aunt many times, I understood what was going on. I even chimed in on some of the responses. I sat with the lady I contacted regarding RCIA classes. After church we went to McDonald's and had some orange juice. We had a nice conversation and it turns out that I went to school with her daughter and we graduated in the same year. Small world isn't it?
So I've jumped in. I still don't know if it's the right thing, but I feel I need to explore it more. And that's what I'm doing.
I've been trying to work on my resume for a catalog designer position, but I'm not feeling very creative at the moment. But I need to send it in along with some samples that I don't have. Sure, I know InDesign, but I mostly teach it. Maybe the creativity will hit me soon. I've got to do something for some extra money.
My computer is acting really weird lately. I have a feeling it's destined to be serviced and that will not be good given it's my only working computer.
I finally got to talk to Marty last night. It was good to talk to him and I think he's relieved that he only has a week left. I'm trying to make plans to go see him in Connecticut. I plan to either fly one way and help him drive his truck down here or just fly round trip and see him. Problem is that he's not sure what's going to happen when he gets back so I can't really make my plans. It's all very frustrating. But it boils down to the fact that I'm not going to let January be the last time I see him.
Well, I'm off to continue with laundry.

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