Friday, March 11, 2005

Had a date tonight

O.k. don't worry... I'm not cheating on Marty. I took my son out to dinner. We went to the Olive Garden. Had fettucini alfredo. Josh had pizza. He asked me if I had a good relationship with my parents. I wasn't sure how to answer that. I said that we weren't close, but had a decent relationship. He then mentioned that he thought we had a good relationship because we talk so much. I can't tell you in words what that meant to me. I guess I'm doing a decent job. Josh and I aren't necessarily what you'd call close, but I do think we have a good relationship. And I love that he feels that way. He commented that a lot of his friends always seem to fight with their parents and their parents are overprotective. I admit that I'm not strict with Josh. But my philosophy is that until he gives me a reason to really put my foot down, I don't have to be overbearing. And he's a good kid. He makes good grades. He's talented and smart. And that's the opinion of his teachers, not just me.
I've worried about whether or not I've done o.k. with Josh. I guess maybe I'm on the right track.


Summer said...

This post put a huge smile on my face. You are doing a fantastic job raising that wonderful son of yours!!! I subscribe to the AP (attachment parenting) style of rearing my sons. Some take it to an extreme, I didn't, but what I did do I think produced two good sons. I am not a strict mother, much to my husband's chagrine and because I feel he is overly strict, I have never allowed him to participate in the rearing of my sons. I know how bizarre that sounds, but like you said, until they give you a reason, there is no need. My husband's theory is they are guilty to begin with, so set the standard. Blech.

Patrick Goodman said...

Of course you're doing a good job, sweetheart. I've told you this more than once; I wish it was easier for you to believe it. It's always good to figure it out for yourself, though; I'm glad you and the young man had a chance to talk about it.