Monday, March 28, 2005

Do I dare?

If I say something, I'll jinx it right? It's Murphy's law that if you get a speck of hope, it will ultimately not turn out at all like you'd expect. Oh, what the hey... I gotta say it.
I applied for a catalog designer position that I could work part-time. I sent in my resume and a few samples of my work and really had second thoughts about it because I felt that my work might not be very impressive. But I did it anyways thinking I should at least do it and if they're not interested, that's o.k. Maybe it's because they didn't get any other responses, but I got an email today saying that they were interested in talking with me. I wanted to reply back right away, but decided I need to square a few things first.
I went to Amarillo and talked to my former principal about being a reference for me. He said no problem. While I was there I got one of my renewals taken care of. I then came home and emailed my boss about my situation. He said he understood. He said that he indeed couldn't pay me any more as his comissions have been dropping as schools are ordering less books etc.. which I knew and understood. He appreciated me letting him know what was going on and said he'd hate to lose me. So I felt better about that. He also said he didn't have a problem with me taking on some part time work.
So that's where I'm at now. I'm really trying to have more confidence in myself. It's one of my biggest weaknesses. Especially going into unknown territory. But I just have to get over that.
I talked to Marty. So far it looks good that he'll get to come to Texas, so I'm trying to remain hopeful about that too.
I walked today. A mile. O.k. maybe not too impressive, but it's a good start. I do love my mp3 player. I think it was a really good investment.
So tell me... when is the $&*! going to hit the fan?


Summer said...

You made me laugh when I read this. Sometimes it's like fate is triple dog daring us to be happy for one day. It's like, "I'll show you! For every hour that you're happy, I'm going to give you a week of pure hell." Anyway, I was glad to read that your life has a positive spin lately. I'm always rooting for you!

Andrew said...

I am very proud of you and wish you the best of luck! I do hope you get this position and will be sending positive vibes your way. Yay!