Saturday, March 26, 2005

I have no life

O.k. maybe I have a life, but I'm at a point where I don't know what to do with myself. My house is clean. Laundry is caught up. Even my car is clean. I still can't clean out the attic/garage because it's snowing once again.
I don't really have friends that I do anything with. I guess I'm kind of a loner. It kind of sucks.
I've been going to church. I went Thursday and Friday evening and will attend the Easter Vigil tonight. It still feels a little weird, but not as bad as being in protestant church. No offense to anyone out there, but they just seem to grate on my nerves lately. I'm finding that in the Catholic services the spirituality is more genuine and it feels more like a worship service. For example, last night was the veneration of the cross. The congregation passes a large cross over them all around the people and then they go up to the front, bow and kiss the cross. It was really very moving. I still feel a little awkward there, but it's really not bad. I'm just not sure of some of the things I should be doing & saying.
Marty should be back in Connecticut by now. I thought he'd call me to let me know he made it, but I guess he forgot. I'm trying not to take it personally, but I do. I still have no idea if I'm going to go up there or if he's going to come here. He's now talking like he's going to just give his truck to his ex-wife so he doesn't have to worry about dealing with it. I guess that's his choice.
I went walking yesterday. I bought new shoes and am making myself walk. Problem was that my CD player that is supposed to be really good anti-skip, wasn't. So I splurged and got myself a new mp3 player. I wouldn't have done it except I got a refund for overpaying my car insurance last month. I do feel a bit guilty for buying it, but oh well. If it helps me walk more, then it will be worth it.
That's it for my exciting life. I don't have anything deep and meaningful to share but that's my life as it is right now. Don't read my blog while operating heavy machinery.


Summer said...

Men just don't get it do they? From phone calls to shopping discount stores. I'm glad I'm not one. Ha!

Diana said...

Oh, the MP3 player was totally worth it. It's amazing how they work. It's just impossible to compare the skipping of a CD player or the jamming of a cassette tape. Don't feel guilty at all!