Saturday, March 05, 2005

Getting there

Well, the kitchen is clean. I even mopped the floors. I'm going to get the living room done tonight and get a start on the laundry. Tomorrow I'll tackle my room and the office. I'm dreading the office. I can't ever seem to keep it clean. But I am determined.
I've been watching the t.v. and just saw a commercial for "Believer's Voice of Victory". For some reason I wanted to gag. They way the guy says "Gee-zuz" (heavy accent on the first syllable) just got on my nerves. But then again, everything is getting on my nerves lately. Maybe I need some paxil. Oh yeah, I don't have health insurance. Almost forgot.
Speaking of health, I'm skipping periods again. I guess it's stress related. I did the same thing the last year of my marriage. My cycle was very irregular. Not that I minded so much, but was concerned. I went on the pill to get things regulated (back in the days of health insurance). And before you think it, no, I'm not pregnant. It's impossible. O.k. maybe not impossible but it would take a spontaneous reversal of Marty's vasectomy for that to have happened.
Well, Josh has a girlfriend again. I've got to take him to meet her at the movies.

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