Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Gee, it's late for me. But at least I'm wearing green at the moment so no pinching. I actually went to be around 11:00. But then my cell phone rang at about 11:20. I jumped out of bed hoping it was Marty calling, but it wasn't. It was my uncle Steve. He just got bad news that his sister had passed away and he wanted me to go over and sit with his mother when he told her the news. (He's in Albuquerque) So I did. She took it well. I can't imagine being a parent and outliving your children, but it happens. His mother is 87 years old. Her daughter was 63. It just makes you stop and think. Well, I sat with her a bit and let her talk some. She finally said that she was o.k. and I could go home. So now I'm back home.
My day was fairly productive, but not as much as it should have been. I finished the major filing and got most of the office floor cleared of stuff. There's still some little things here and there that need to be done, but hopefully I'll once again have a nice clean work area. And maybe I'll get some work done.
My dad stopped by today to pick up his mail and informed me that one of my tires was flat. Perfect. Luckily he went to get me some fix-a-flat so I could take it to get fixed. So I spent a good portion of the afternoon taking my car to discount tire. At least it was free.
Then since I was already in Amarillo I went to the mall. Walked around a bit. I bought some cologne for Marty. O.k. I actually kind of bought it for me because it reminds me of him. But I'll eventually give it to him. Really, I will. Like when he gets back from Alaska.
Then I went to Walmart and bought a new scale. Mine is doing weird things. Like this morning it said I weighed 179.5. This afternoon it said I weighed 174. I preferred the afternoon weight, but had to assume it was a fluke. So I went and got a regular non digital scale and it showed around 177. I guess that's the average. Just weird. I've been kind of bad lately eating kind of late and having cheesecake. I haven't exercised either. But still no fast food or alcohol, but I can't tell you how much I've wanted to add a little rum to my coke. But I'm trying to behave.
And that's pretty much my day. Not very exciting, but I guess it will do.

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