Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Took a Step

A while back (in July) I wrote a blog about a former friend of mine. Go ahead and read it... here's the link.

Well, I ran into this friend very briefly at the beginning of school this year and she said hello and asked how I was doing and I told her "fine" and then she had to run off to a meeting and she said she'd talk to me later. Still haven't talked.
So I haven't really worried about it much lately as I did what I said in my previous post about writing her off. I finally got to a point where I didn't really hold a grudge about it and just moved on.

So I've been thinking about selling stuff on ebay. And I realize that she still has my wedding dress. Because she had more room than me at the time I got married, she offered to keep the dress for me in one of her closets. I've just never gotten around to getting it I guess. Then with the divorce, it didn't matter so much. But now I'm thinking perhaps I could sell it. I need to money and that could help finance Josh's band camp.

So I took a step and I emailed her. And I got a response. She was polite and said she'd try to remember to bring it with her to school tomorrow. (It just so happens I'm going there for a yearbook visit) So maybe things aren't as bad as I thought.

I can't say it was all in my imagination (though I am quite imaginative it seems). I know that I haven't really "talked" to her since April of 2001, I think. And when my mother passed away, I didn't even get an "I'm sorry" from her. (And yes, she knew about it) And when I got a divorce, I didn't get a "congratulations." So, it's not all in my head. But perhaps we just drifted apart as friends. And that's o.k. Sometimes I just wish I knew the "why?" You know me... having to know EVERYTHING.

But I took a step and we'll see what happens.

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