Monday, March 07, 2005

A Dilemma

It's one of those good news/bad news kind of days.
Good news: I got one of my tax refund checks in the mail today.
Bad news: There's no way I could fight the ticket I got in Dumas. There was another sign clearly posted with the speed limit that I missed. Cost of ticket $125.

So, what do I do with the money? It's not enough to get caught up on the house payment. I could just hand it over to dad and then still owe $200. But if he's going to put it on a credit card, I can perhaps have more time to pay him back.
Or I could keep my mouth shut about the check and catch up on the other bills and pay my speeding ticket.
Or I could catch up on bills and get ahead and then go to jail for my ticket at the end of 30 days.
If I didn't have the damn ticket, I could go ahead and pay for about half of Josh's band camp money.
Personally I think it's far more beneficial and money is much better spent to invest in Josh's music. He may or may not make it a career, but I personally believe that the experience of music is invaluable. I'd rather pay for his lessons than pay my visa bill.
Would it be bad to turn myself in and sit in jail for about 3 days?
I could have 90 days to pay it, but then it would go up to $150.
Still no sign of a part time job. Still don't know what's going on with child support.

So what to do? Any suggestions?

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mike said...

Dear Ann,

DId you try to take a driving improvement class??? It could save you about 1/2 of the fine and get you a reduction on your car insurance. Give it a shot.