Thursday, March 10, 2005

Do I dare have hope?

I got an email today regarding child support. The soon to be ex-wife took it upon herself to send in a good chunk of past child support in. Not quite two month's worth, but enough to be a GREAT help. So because that is coming, I went ahead and got caught up on the mortgage payment and didn't have to rely on my dad to take care of it. I paid some other bills and am maybe, just maybe thinking that things are going to be o.k. We'll see. I'm still not going to count on child support coming in regularly at all, but getting this one check will make a huge difference and what doesn't go to pay bills is going to go into savings. If things work out, we'll take a trip this summer, if not, it will be there for when we need it.
I went to clarinet ensemble today and got to play. It was so refresing. I really have a lot of work as the tempo is pretty fast. But hopefully I'll work during spring break. Then I can work with my old lesson teacher and get a little extra help. I'm so glad I'm playing again. It really feels good.
Well, gotta keep this short tonight, but just wanted to share something positive for once. Now, only if Marty would call.

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Andrew said...

That is awesome news! I am very happy for you. Now you can take a big breath and relax. I know that feeling very well. Have a great day, Annabel.