Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fixin' to go to bed

You know I'm from Texas because I do say "fixin" I left school right at 4:00 today and then went to the bank to get cash for Josh. I came home and immediately started supper. I made a cashew chicken, but didn't use my normal recipe. It was o.k., but mine is better. I was able to sit for about an hour and then I had to head to choir rehearsal. I was there for two hours. I was tired and kept yawning. Now I'm home and I'm about to head to bed.

I did get a few things done on my list today. I graded papers. I'm not finished, but I did get caught up with my comm. app. class. I hope to be finished with everything tomorrow. I'll try to get the other things on my list finished up tomorrow. I get to wear jeans tomorrow. They're letting us since we raised $7000 for the United Way on our campus. I felt guilty in that I didn't contribute, but I just don't have a lot of extra money to spare. Well, that's enough for now... I'm going to head to bed.


Terri said...

yum; share your chicken cashew recipe; my husband loves that dish and gets it every time we go to thai or chinese.

Leann said...

I love the word "fixin". We used to say it all the time in Alabama. I sometimes regress and get funny looks.

Hope you are rested and ready for the weekend!!