Monday, October 01, 2007

Just another day

Not that I'm counting, but I'm ready to get out of town for a bit. I'm getting close to being ready to go, but there's still several things I'd like to have done. I'm still waiting for printing to get back to me. I have plans made, but I still have a test to make for my debate class and some website information to put together. I made a point to get home at a decent hour today since I figured I'd be staying late tomorrow getting everything ready. Our flight is at 9-something on Wednesday.

You know, sometimes I wish that as a teacher I could just teach. It seems that there's always a lot of extra crap we have to deal with. This week our principal has decided that we have to have a syllabus for our classes. We also have to submit a teacher self-report to our evaluators for TEA. On top of lesson plans, parent contacts, mentoring 8 different students, and everything else, it's a miracle that we even have time to teach. I'm lucky in that I have two conference periods in which to get a lot of this done... but even then (along with working through my lunch), I am perpetually behind. I know I should do a lot of things at home, but honestly, I think my time at home should be my time. There are some days that I have no choice like when grades are due and such, but one of the reasons why I never assign homework to my students is because I don't like it much myself. I prefer things that I can grade fairly quickly. (But then I give those lengthy projects that take time to grade.) Oh well.

What's on the agenda this evening? Well, I made dinner of sorts. I didn't care for it much. I've caught up on reading blogs. I need to get back to the store briefly to get some things I missed. I started my laundry that I need done before I can pack. I may sit and crochet a while. I'm thinking I'll get to bed earlier tonight. I only had one coke at lunch today. This evening, I had a sprite. And that's it. Nothing too exciting.

I've been getting lots of compliments on my hair. Sorry I haven't posted a picture. I'll try to get that done one of these days. My friend Carol told me church this weekend that I shouldn't ever grow it out again. One of the assistant principals today complimented me today saying that it made my face look thinner. That's one of the things that I was hoping for. Josh is recording the show Heroes again tonight. I watched it last week and I didn't get it at all. Well, I should get to the store before it gets too late.


Andrew said...

When I disappered that week I was in the hospital, everyone raved over Heroes. I watched an episode and just didn't get the appeal either. You must have to watch from the beginning.

Be safe on your trip to San An and thanks for the update tonight. You don't know how much it means to me to be able to read a blog post from you, Cheryl, and others. Take care and sleep well.


Zap said...

ughh! Self Report! I hate anything vaguely stinking like a self report. What a load of crap. What do they expect people to say...I suck, please fire me, you'll rue the day you decided to keep me on!!

marykay said...

Enjoy San Antonio! Love that place!

abbagirl74 said...

Have a wonderful time Annabel. Be safe.

Anonymous said...

Have a good trip. Return safe.