Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sometimes you just need a push

It is days like today that make me realize that I'm probably not cut out for teaching in the long term and now I'm determined to get my library certification come hell or high water. No, it's not anything terrible or horrible, but just enough to make me realize that this isn't truly my passion. So I'm going to go forward with my plans to get into graduate school. I appreciate all your encouragement; it has been a huge factor in this and has helped me a great deal.

But back to today. I have a student that wants to get out of my debate class. I said something about it to another class, they asked why and I gave a brief answer stating that it might be because I'm making him work this year. I shouldn't have said that because it got back to the student which just made things worse. He asked me about it today and I apologized for it but he still wanted to go talk to the assistant principal. I let him go. After class the assistant principal talked to me about what the student said, and luckily, the principal is siding with me and told the student that he needed to suck it up and if he wanted to continue to compete at tournaments, he had to stay in the class.

I'm not going to go into details about the issues with this student, but it is situations like this that make teaching not seem worthwhile. I don't care whether every student likes me, but when they question my authority and how I'm teaching the class, it's frustrating. The students can talk all they want and we have to bite our tongue.

I hope I'm making the right decision to focus on library science. Again, my ultimate dream would be to become a music librarian... but that would take a lot more than I can put into it right now. I think that if I at least get my masters and school certification, I should be able to add to it later. I think that the library suits me better as a career since I have a passion for technology & research, I like working in schools (mostly), and it would take care of the things I hate about teaching like lesson plans, dealing with parents, and all the extra burdens put on teachers.

I may need to give this more thought and make sure before I invest a lot of time and money. It will cost me probably over $10,000 to get my degree. If I go full time, I'll need to take 9 hours a semester except in the summer. If I do that, I'll have my degree by the end of 2009. I've talked to the librarian at my school and she is qualified as a mentor and agreed to work with me. She's also planning to retire in 3 years so that would be perfect timing assuming they would let me fill the position. Even if they didn't, I could probably get a position within the district. And who knows... I don't where all this will lead me but it could open other possibilities.

So any advice? Any opinions? All suggestions welcome.


Leann said...

Good for you for going after what you want. I am looking into going back to school to get my psych degree. Probably nothing I'll ever use, but the field interests me greatly.

Good luck and I KNOW you can do it!!

Lynette said...

It is interesting how you always know when you have made the decision and it is the right one.

Summer said...

If you can do it. DO IT. It took my oldest 2 1/2 years going part time to get his masters and $30,000.

I think you're getting a bargain and certainly will be the best investment in your career life.

Geez. I'm excited for you!

Terri said...

sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this and I wish you the best in going forward. I had a friend who quit being a supervisor here at Ford to go work in a private school teaching chem & adv math. She lasted one year and came back to Ford. She said she loved the teaching but couldn't stand the student and parent drama; something major happened every week. Sad.

Andrew said...

I am so behind you on this! I am so excited! I just know you can do this as you are so determined when you get started on something and don't quit. If there is anything I can do then just ask me. I am behind you 100 percent!

mago said...

Do it.