Thursday, October 18, 2007

So, in other news

I shipped my clarinet off yesterday to be overhauled. It was kind of scary for me and I was/am a bit nervous about it. I insured it for $800 which is what was originally paid for it. I hope everything goes well and it is like new when I get it back. I'm very excited about it, but I didn't realize it would be so hard to part with it. It's not like I play it all the time, but it is very special to me.

I also got a nice surprise today. I've been participating in Harris Polls for several years now. Every time I participate in one, I get points. The points add up and eventually you can trade them in for things. Of course it takes about three years for me to save up enough for something decent, but it's nice to get things for free. A few years ago, I got the "A Christmas Story" DVD. Recently I cashed in points again, and I got a free iron. It's nothing major, but it's still free. I've needed a new iron for a while, but it hasn't been something that's been a priority. So I think it's pretty cool to get a nice surprise like that.

I printed out a bunch of information regarding the process of applying to graduate school and getting my degree. I've started working on an essay that I have to submit with my application. My timeline (I hope) is to take the GRE in December and apply in January. If all goes well, I can start this summer. There is one major hurdle, however. I have to spend a week on campus this summer and the dates conflict with our last week of school. I'm going to have to talk to my principal and see if I'll be able to take the days off. I would actually only miss 3 days. I hope that this isn't all talk on my part. I've really got to do it.

Tomorrow is an early dismissal from school. There's an out of town game that is pretty far so the whole school gets out at 2:45. That's good since I am going to dinner with friends and then we're going to see Josh in the musical. Well, CSI is about to come on so I'm going to go watch it and then go to bed.


Leann said...

I hope you get your precious clarinet back in pristine condition.

As for the continued education, I'm sure thing will work out for the best.

Anonymous said...

I could use a free iron too ... Mine starts to smell after one shirt.

Andrew said...

I am so excited for you! You are going to get tired of me for saying that. I wish you lived closer so I could help you with guy things and just be a real friend and not just an online friend. That is all I would want is your friendship and to be able to share more tangibly in things in your life. Hope you had a good day and I will talk again soon!


Andrew said...

Thank you for the comment today. I know you don't write them often and that comment meant the world to me -- to know you were out there and cared. I have been trying to repostition my thinking today and appreciating all my father does. I have it in mind to tell him tonight when he comes over and that you are to thank. I have kind of lived a gilded life for most of my life and should appreciate things more. I hope you are okay and I am missing your update much. I hope to hear from you tonight as you are my favorite blog. Take care dear friend and don't be a stranger. We need to talk on the phone some. I will have to email you my number.