Sunday, October 14, 2007

No breaks until Thanksgiving

It's going to be crazy around here. I am trying to get some cleaning done today since my aunt and uncle may be coming next weekend to see Josh in the school musical. I cleaned out my shed in the back yard so that I could move Josh's old bed in there as well as my extra couch that I don't use. Unfortunately, the couch won't fit through the back door because of the dog door that was installed. Now I'm at a loss as to what to do with it. There's no room in the garage if I want to keep parking my car in there. I need to get it out of the living room so I can get rid of the last of the carpet that is still down.

This morning I went to church and then I came home briefly until I had to go to the store. I got just a few things to get us by until Wednesday when we get money again. It's going to be another month of barely scraping by. I still have to pay the rest of Josh's symphony tuition and I'd like to be able to participate in our church's fallback festival but the tickets are $100. Although that will pay for two people, I don't have a date or anyone to split the cost with me. I've signed up to help, but that's only if I am able to buy a ticket to go. There's a craft fair coming up in November that I thought about renting a space for and selling my rosaries. Do you think they'd sell? That might give me the money I need for Christmas, Josh's birthday or the GRE test.

Next weekend I'll be watching Josh in the musical on Friday and then go to a speech tournament on Saturday. The following Saturday will be another speech tournament. The first weekend in November will be the fallback festival and Josh's symphony concert. The following weekend will be my birthday, another speech tournament, and the craft fair. The next weekend after that is another speech tournament. I've also signed up to sing as part of the Diocesan choir again and we'll have a concert the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I've promised to go to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving as long as Josh doesn't have a game to go to.

I guess it's still good to be busy. I really need to get my house clean before all this starts. I should stop wasting time on the computer and get back to work.


Tiffany said...

Have you tried selling your roseries online like on etsy(?)...ebay for artist?

Anonymous said...

No sleep 'till Hammersmith ... you have a lively schedule here.
Religious items always sell, like rosaries, pocket-saints, pictures and so on. Everybody needs a St.Antonius! Small medals and things ... A friend brought me as a gift from a journey in Mexico a key fob in screaming coulours, Mary on one side and J.C. on the other. It was fun! Totally different.
Yes, I'd try it with the rosaries.

Kelly Jene said...

I'd love to buy one of your rosaries!

I think they'd sell great.