Saturday, October 13, 2007

Marching Contest Again

It was lovely to sleep in today. I went to bed between 10 and 11 last night and slept until sometime after 8 this morning. I piddled around this morning on the computer and watching t.v. I took a shower and got ready to go this afternoon and left for the contest around 2:45. I watched all the 3A bands march. Josh's band was the only one in their class to receive a first division. Their show was good, but the had some issues with the wind. Their Vegas backdrop fell down and their giant 16 foot blow up Godzilla was a little difficult to control. Other than that, the show was really good. It was cleverly done and really fun for the band. I took a couple of pictures until my camera stopped working. I can't figure what is wrong with it. I have a feeling it just might have given up. I've had it for over five years now. It may be time to get a new one. If that's the case, it will be a while.

I went to dinner during the break and then came back to watch the rest of the bands in the contest. I saw several people there that I knew and sat with one of my former students that showed up. My former college band director mentioned that he's putting together a community band and that I should come play in it. I think that would be awesome. I am shipping my clarinet off next week to have it overhauled. It will be gone probably 3-4 weeks total. It will cost $375 but luckily the anonymous donor will be paying for it.

I am doing some research on the possibility of graduate school. It is almost overwhelming right now. I can't decide if I should go ahead and try for it and perhaps start next fall or if I should wait until after Josh starts college. I need to take the GRE but it will cost $140. I then need to apply to a graduate school which will cost $50. Then there's the cost of tuition and such should it come to fruition. (oooh... that rhymes.) There's not much in the way of scholarships or grant money available for graduate students unless you become a teaching assistant, graduate assistant or do work study. (Those options are out) So my only option would be to get a student loan. I'm not sure that will happen given my credit history (thanks to my ex-husband). But if I don't try, I won't know if any of it is possible. Although teaching is o.k. right now, I still think it's not what I want to do for the rest of my career.

On the good news front, I've also been reading the FASFA information regarding financial aid for Josh when he goes to college. I think that if I'm reading things correctly, that because Josh is getting SSI benefits right now that our EFC (expected family contribution) is automatically zero regardless of how much money I make. Hopefully that will mean that Josh can get most of his college paid for. If that is the case, then perhaps I can afford to do graduate school. If I do happen to qualify for a Perkins or Stafford loan, then I wouldn't have to start paying it back until 6 months after I get my degree. It could also be paid over a ten year period. That might actually be doable. Well, I need to do more research, but if I really want to do this, I need to get the ball rolling and start with taking the GRE.


Summer said...

It would thrill me to no end if you were able to go back to school.

Mary said...

Really try to make graduate school work. I taught school when my children were small so we could have the same schedule. It was a good decision at the time but it wasn't a good decision for a full career. After fighting my way back to school I wished my way into another career. Once in a new entry level career I applied for the employer's education program and prayed my way to a second advanced degree. It was a long hard road but the results were worth the blood, sweat, and tears. You can do it!! Go for it, Annabel, you won't regreat it. We'll all be cheering you on.

Andrew said...

I so wish you could go back to school. That would be awesome. Keep your hopes up and know your blogging public is rooting for you! Missing you today. I hope to get a post before the night is over. No pressure though. I am just addicted to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but what is "GRE"?