Friday, October 12, 2007

I doubt I'll have time to post tonight

So I'm posting briefly during my lunch time today. What? No pending school work to be done? Well, yes, I still have a list and my desk is currently covered, but sometimes we all need a break. I've turned in the crucial items so I feel I'm entitled to actually eat and enjoy my lunch today instead of taking bites as I work on other materials.

Well, since Leann is the ONLY one who submitted an idea, I dub her the winner! Leann.. you need to privately email me your mailing address and tell me what your favorite color is. I didn't use her idea word for word, but I did adapt it. I came up with two more phrases and changed another one. The doors were judged this morning and I should find out at the pep rally if we placed in the top three.

Immediately after school today I have to put in an hour and a half of work as part of my obligation as a freshman class sponsor. Last year I didn't have to do it since it was during the same time as something else... like convention. I have to help fill water and tea glasses for the Freshman supper tonight. Each class hosts a supper that they use as a fundraiser.

After I'm done there, I will head home and get ready to go to the football game to see the band. They finally have all their props including a 16 ft Godzilla. I can't wait to see the show. Marching contest is tomorrow so I'll be going there as well.

I did get a little more sleep last night. I got in bed by 9:30 though I was awakened at 10:00 when Josh got home from rehearsal and I thought I heard the phone ringing (it wasn't) I felt a little more refreshed today but I still wish I could take a nap right now.

I think almost everyone in the blogging world has heard of Post Secret. If not, you really must visit the site. Yesterday, I showed my speech classes a powerpoint video of many of the postcards that have appeared on the site (all appropriate ones). I am giving them the opportunity to share their own secrets so I gave them all a postcard and an envelope telling them that they could create their own secret and turn it in anonymously. I hope they will participate, because I think there's something freeing in putting your secret out there. I've wanted to send in my own, but I've never actually done it. Maybe I will.

Well, that's all for today. By the time I get home tonight, I'll probably be too tired to post. I'm so glad that tomorrow is a Saturday that I can actually sleep in. Woo Hoo!


abbagirl74 said...

I hope you are able to post about the class project. It would be cool to see what the class comes up with.

Andrew said...

Hey Gal! I never got the popularity of Post Secret. I tried, I really did. I hope you got to sleep in the morning. Rosa and me stayed in the bed until almost lunch! Lazy Bones! hehe Will talk to you again soon.