Saturday, October 27, 2007

Home early, but too tired to say much

I only took a small group of six today. I had several that did well, including two first place trophies (one debate, one oratory). We didn't make sweepstakes, but came in 4th place overall which I think is pretty good for such a small team. It was a busy day for me. I was in charge of handing out all the ballots. It took a lot of energy and now I'm exhausted. The tournament, however, did run on time because of my efforts which is good. We actually ended early and was able to be back in Hereford by 8:30. That includes stopping for dinner at Taco Bell.

I am now going to bed. I can barely keep my eyes open.


mapiprincesa! said...

Your posts take me back to the days of my forensics career in high school and university. Fun times had, but definitely examining it all from the coach's perspective (two children and 20 years later) I don't think I could do it again! our ADS speakers would eloquenlty end, "Cheers to the Coach!"

Summer said...

Sometimes, when I read your blog I get so frustrated at the uneven playing field you're on. Your teaching position requires you to do two jobs and you're only getting paid for one. Does the algebra teacher down the hall have to give up her weekends?

I hope you get some rest soon.

Mary said...

Brings back memories of my oldest son and forensics days. It kept me busy traveling with the team during his senior high school year. The debate team was really good but they could do the wildest things. Their mascot was an old commode named John and was always in the van with them when the team traveled.

Andrew said...


I got a big chuckle out of the old commode named John. LOL I'm with Summer. They need to pay you double. You work so hard and are an inspiration to me. I hope I do so well returning to work.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home.