Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Decorating Dilemmas

I did get started on the extra bedroom today. Josh and I got the very large desk moved from one corner to the other. That was a pain. But I like the way it's positioned better and it is a great crafting space. It is my old computer desk and there's room for my sewing machine, my old computer, and a small t.v. with work space left over. I only have two potential positions for the guest bed and both would mean I have to get rid of a large book case that is currently storing a lot of my crafting materials. That's o.k. because I can clean out the closet and move those things in there. The closet stuff can go to the garage (at least temporarily) for now. Now my dilemma is the mismatched furniture. I have the desk which has a lighter maple top and dark gray sides. With that is a matching 2 drawer filing cabinet that really needs to stay in there because there's no other place for it. I also have a long bureau that is a dark brown that was part of the bedroom furniture accumulated when I got married. It has a matching night stand with it. Both are used to store my crafting and sewing items. The problem is that they don't really go with the lighter desk. I was looking at it today and realized that I just don't like the dark brown in there. The walls of the room are a bright yellow which I love and all the trim is white. I grudgingly decided today that the bureau and nightstand need to be painted. It will take more time; but I think in the end, I'll be happier with that decision. I'm going to paint them white with some of the detailing on the front in green and yellow. I could get by with just moving the furniture around for now, but I might as well get the painting done while I have the time. I can't work on the flooring stuff at this point so I might as well get the room the way I really want it.

Now the next dilemma is the bed. All I have is the mattress at this point. I think I'd like to have a simple platform bed frame in there. I looked online and I found one for around $93 which isn't bad. Then I though that it couldn't be that hard to make one. It would just be a rectangular frame with some middle supports and a sheet of plywood on top. Then when I started looking around the room, I realized that I'm going to get rid of the current closet doors because the track is broken and they just don't work. I think they're solid and I'm thinking I can use them to make the frame. My cost would then be the plywood and the paint (which I already have). The problem is that I will have to wait until my brother gets back to have it cut because I don't own a saw. There's a guy that I sort of know from online that has offered to help, but I don't think I want to go there. He keeps asking me out. I know I keep saying I want a date, but this guy had three chances to meet me and stood me up three times so I really don't think he deserves any more chances. He's also just not my type. Our morals are quite different and I know how that doesn't mesh in relationships. Speaking of which... I was looking at my ex-husband's new girlfriend's website. Don't get me wrong... it's not spiteful spying or anything. I am happy for both of them and they seem to be doing well together. But the point I was making is that I was looking at the pictures of the poker run they went on and all I could think is "thank God I'm not part of all that!" They both seem to love it and that's great for them, but I still can't see the appeal in the biker lifestyle. I really don't know what I was thinking when I married him. Richard is a good guy in many ways which was appealing at first, but there were other sides to him that I didn't discover fully until afterwe were married for a while. He also changed quite a bit once he got his bike. (Which will be paid off in a little over a year, thank goodness - it's the last thing that is jointly in our name and tying me to him - but he is making regular payments)

Well, I should get back to work in the extra room. I guess I'm going to have to change that lightbulb after all.

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Leann said...

You are so methodical in your thought process and I envy that. I"m kinda all over the map, not sure I could write it down as consisely as you do. I love the idea of the yellow and green on the dresser to match the room, but since yellow is my favorite color, I"m kinda partial :-)

If the guys stood you up three times, well I'd say he's a loser right off the bat. Just my personal opinion. Shows a lack of respect.

Anywho, hope you find someone to cut those closet doors down for ya, and have fun with your 'project'.