Saturday, June 30, 2007

Me procrastinate?

No. Of course not. That's why I'm sitting here writing instead of cleaning. I woke up late this morning. I must have forgotten to set my alarm to the correct time. Luckily, my student responded to a text message I sent last night and it woke me up this morning. I took a quick shower, got dressed and headed to camp. They took a break for breakfast at the beginning so I left and went and picked up donuts. There was a huge line and it took ten minutes before I got my order. I went home and dropped off donuts for Josh and then took my milk and two donuts back to camp. They talked about intros and character development today so I'm glad I went this morning. I got permission to pick up my students for lunch tomorrow and then I left at noon. I went to the store to get the food for tomorrow along with other necessities. I put up most of the groceries and now I really need to get busy. I have to clean the living room (God help me), the kitchen (including mopping which I hate), Josh's bathroom (you don't even want to know), and then tidy up the other rooms which are still relatively clean depending on your point of view. So I guess I better get off my duff and actually get busy. I'm going. Really. I mean it. Does anyone want to help? I really shouldn't ask that because I would have to clean before I would let anyone come help me clean... I know it doesn't make sense... but it's like cleaning for the maid comes so she doesn't see the real slobs that you are. O.k. Maybe I'm the only slob... even though I hate that word. Call me untidy or chaotic or domestically challenged. O.k. I'm going now.

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Cheryl said...'re funny. Did you get anything done? I've been trying to write a post, but have been procrastinating and soon my daughter will be home, then I'll have to pretend I don't want to be on the computer.