Wednesday, June 13, 2007


But not by the kitchen. The kitchen is done. I should have cleaned out the refrigerator/freezer, but I decided to give it a rest for now. The kitchen is clean except for the floor and a few items that have found their way to the table just to get them out of the way. I've been working on the spare bedroom and it's a mess! I finished the painting on the bureau, but now I need some spray paint for the hardware. I decided I'd rather have the hardware silver rather than it's current brassy color. I really like the way the detailed flowers and leaves came out. I painted the flowers and extra stuff yellow and the leaves/stems green. It looks really nice on the white background. I left it kind of sloppy because the paint didn't cover well but I kind of like the rushed look of it. I started on the closet today. I finally got the doors off and will leave them off. I will eventually make a curtain to cover the doorway (when I can access my sewing machine again). I still have way too much junk. I found a box of cassette tapes and some 3 1/2 in. computer floppy disks. I sorted through a bunch of clothes and am working on yet another bag to give to charity. I have a million hangers covering the floor right now. (no, it's not an exaggeration) I even found one of the cords I've needed for my digital camera. (But the charger no longer works and the battery is dead so no pics right now.)
I really want to get this room done by the time I leave for Wichita on Saturday. That way, when I come back, I'll just have the living room to do. I'll also need to get stuff moved out of the living room so I can pull up the rest of the carpet and then I'll have to start pulling those darn (not the word I wanted to use) nail boards up. I do have to tackle the garage (still) at some point this summer. Hopefully my brother is going to come tomorrow evening to install the pet door. That way I can get it clean and hopefully keep it clean!
I'm sorry my posts aren't more interesting. I really have nothing else to write about. I am actually thinking about leaving the house, however, and going to the store. Woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

"Clean on - you crazy diamond"

Sorry, could not resist.

Terri said...

pictures! we need pictures!

Terroni said...

Yeah for cleaning! I love throwing away things--it's therapeutic. Today, after my boards, I drove a 3 foot tall stack of notes to the recycling station. It felt great!

Anyway, congratulations on getting all that stuff done. You go with your bad self!