Monday, June 04, 2007


It is amazing how watching HGTV can inspire one to get off their duff and get busy. I have decided to get the rest of the house in order before I continue with the floors. I'm starting with my bedroom first. I have tons of clothes all over the place. I've decided to a. do laundry b. move my dressers together and c. reorganize. When I moved into the house I brought a dresser from my old house and discovered that there was one just like it here. So luckily they match except one of the tops is a bit crinkled and warped. I think I'll find some fabric and just make a cover for the tops. Once I get the guest/craft room done, I'm going to finally make the curtains that I've been planning for about a year. I have the material cut, I just need to get it sewn together. I cleared the garage somewhat so I could get some laundry done. I realize that I need the other rooms in the house clean before I can start really tearing things apart. I still haven't gotten the dog door, but my brother will be gone all week so it won't matter.

I also cut the weeds growing in front of the garage. Since I don't have a weedeater I figure I needed to do it while it was somewhat manageable. That exhausted me a bit. I started another load of a laundry and now I'm taking a small break. I'm going to fix some lunch shortly and then get going again.

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