Saturday, June 16, 2007

Made is safely to Wichita

The trip was uneventful which is usually a very good thing. I arrived in Hereford around 7:50 and we were headed out by 8:05. We got to Amarillo around 9:00 and left there around 9:15. We made some pit stops along the way and got to the Wizard of Oz museum in Liberal around 12:30. It was a nice little tour. We had lunch in Liberal and hit the round shortly before 2:00. We went through Greensburg on the way and to see the tornado devastation up close was disquieting. It's one thing to see pictures on the web or television, but to actually drive through it... words cannot explain it. It was interesting though, one of the few places left standing was a liquor store. I had to chuckle at that. We got into Wichita around 6:15 and got checked into our hotel (after a bit of shuffeling). The person I'm staying with cannot handle stairs well (she's due for a hip and knee replacement) and there is no elevator. We had to trade rooms with some students from another school that had already checked in so that we could be on the first floor. We went to dinner around 7:15 and ate at a place called the Italian Garden. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food, but mine wasn't that great. I probably should have just ordered something different. I ordered the Chicken Fettucini but it was drowned in sauce. The salad and breadsticks were good, however, so I filled up on those mostly. Tomorrow, the kids and I are going to Church and then we'll go register for the tournament. Well, I gotta go get ready for bed. Here's more of my story from 9th grade. I don't know if anyone is enjoying this but I thought I'd throw it out there. Seems kind of quiet in blogdom these days.

  • I went band camp and it was fun and boring at times until I met Todd. The bad thing is that I met him on the 3rd to last day of band camp. I thought that he was kind of cute and he was a neat guy. I was bored at the camp ball because I wanted to dance with somebody. I decided to get up the nerve to ask somebody. There were two guys that I wanted to ask. Todd was one of them. One of my friends said to ask this other guy so I started to look for him but I couldn’t find him. When the next song came on Todd asked me to dance and we danced the rest of the night. I thought that he really liked me. He waited for me after the concerts but when he left, I realized that I didn’t know his last name so I couldn’t get hold of him and I knew I’d never see him again. The one guy that I’ve liked since Bret and I can’t even see him again. I finally got hold of him but he wasn’t too interested in me so I said to forget it. It’s not worth it. School started and I found out that Bret only moved 4 houses down the street where he used to live. (He really was going to be moving to another town 45 miles away from Amarillo, but his dad got a position at another local church.) Of course I fell in love with him again but this time I told him how I felt and that I really liked him. I made him a really neat tape telling him how I felt by using songs. (I have since done this for others including Richard.) I wrote him dozens of letters telling him how I felt but everything I did was useless. He wrote me back once and I liked his note but it was too good to be true. It was a big joke. He had me just for a while but I’m not stupid and I figured things out for myself. One of Bret’s best friends liked me but nothing ever happened. I wasn’t interested in him but I didn’t have the heart to tell him. I was going to go with him but I realized that I’d still like Bret and I wouldn’t be happy with him.

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