Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Getting back to normal

Well, my appetite is back at least. I got up around 7:40 this morning and had more time to get ready so I did make-up today. I went to camp from 9-12. I went to lunch with my students, my co-teacher and some former students. Luckily I had exactly $4.00 and lunch was $3.99. It's not that I'm broke, but I tend to use my visa/debit card most of the time and I don't always carry cash with me and this place didn't take cards. After lunch, I came home so Josh could take the car to band. I laid down a bit but then remembered things that needed to be done. I got my package ready to mail to Summer and a birthday card for Marty. I then went to Hereford to turn in receipts, credit cards and left over cash from the Nationals trip. After Hereford, I went to the post office and got my things mailed.

I came home and read blogs and then did a lot of reading this afternoon. I am re-reading the Harry Potter books in anticipation of the final book coming out in July. Yes, I am one of those people... completely addicted. I realize as I'm reading how much the movies are not accurate in many ways and how much is left out. I've finished the third book and am moving on to the fourth now. I am almost kind of scared about the seventh book. You know me... I HATE surprises, but I think for the first time I'm not going to try and find out how it ends before I read it. I do have a sneaking suspicion though that Harry will be killed (probably as a self-sacrifice) in the last book.

I'm not feeling 100 percent, but am feeling a little better. I am giving thought to going to a chiropractor. I talked to a fellow teacher on our national trip and she swears by her chiropractor. I'm not certain, but I have a lot of general aches and pains and I just feel old. I've been having some dull headaches and sinus issues as well. Nothing incapacitating, but not feeling completely up to par either. Yeah, I'm probably run-down and I know that I need to eat better, exercise and such, but it's hard to get motivated when you just don't feel like it. Well, it's just a thought... what's your opinion about chiropractors?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Plenty of rest and water is defintely the two biggest keys.

Personally I don't trust Chiropractors. but I can't really give any valid reason, except that I met one once that struck me as a complete schister.

I am interested in trying acupunture myself, but I've just been to shy and lazy to find a place to try.


Summer said...

I went to a chiropractor once or for a few visits, I think he helped me, but I've also been in physical therapy and that helped as well. If you feel like your spine is out of align my OB/GYN told me many years ago to find a chinning bar and just hang from it for a bit each day. Of course I vote for a good massage!

Can't wait to get your package. I appreciate it more than you know.

Terri said...

Chiropractors scare me...no particular reason.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and cannot wait for the book or the movie this summer.

Leann said...

I'm glad you're feeling better too. I love chiropractors. I've always felt much better after seeing htem, but I'd see a massage therapist over a chiropractor.

Anonymous said...

Chiropractors? No. Never. I do not need someone cracking up my bones.

Sorry for asking again about something evident: What "camp" are you visiting? You've got camps in Texas? For immigrants?

Sorry, bad joke, but I really do not know what camps you visit.