Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Meeting Abbagirl and Phelan

What a delightful evening! It was very nice to meet some blogging friends. I didn't know Phelan before tonight, but Abbagirl had mentioned earlier that she might be joining us. Abbagirl picked me up from the high school around 6:30 and we headed to Outback. We had a nice conversation on the way there. We met Phelan at Outback. We ordered and had some nice girl talk. We talked about our kids, our lives, our exes, relationships, all sorts of things. It turns out that Phelan has a bit of a wild side to her. Abbagirl is simply nice and a great conversationalist. She will draw you into conversations by asking questions and seems to be a great listener. We all have very different lives, but it was very cool to be able to get together like we did. Hopefully at some point Abbagirl will make it down to Texas since she has never been there. I enjoyed the experience very much and I am anxious to meet more of my blogging friends.

Today has been a decent day for my students. Jon didn't make it to rounds 9-10 in Dramatic, but was able to compete in another event starting at rounds 3-4. My other student who was out yesterday began competing in two supplemental events today and has stayed in all day which is good. I had to be in a judge pool this morning to see if I would be needed to judge but we have so many students from Texas in events that we weren't used. (We're not supposed to judge students from our own state.) Around noon I went out and got the new Janet Evanovich book that was released yesterday. I also got a throw to keep myself warm as the air conditioning in the auditorium at the school is up pretty high and it's quite chilly in there. I started reading my book for a while and then when they were calling judges, I started some crocheting. Around 3:15 another coach was ready to get out for a bit so I took her to Starbucks. I got a Chai Tea Latte and a piece of raspberry pound cake that was quite yummy. Then I did more waiting. I wasn't sure if I would be at the school or at the hotel when Abbagirl would be picking me up. They got a very late start on round 4 this afternoon/evening so I called her to let her know that I'd still be at the school.

Now I'm back at the hotel and I'm sure I'm the first to post because I'm a total internet addict. My kids are out to dinner with the other coach and when they're finished, they're going back to the high school to check for postings to see if they're still in rounds. I called them and one of them is still in one of her events, but the other doesn't know yet. So I'm going to sit back and catch up on blogs, watch a little t.v. and just veg for a while.


Phelan said...

I had a great time, thank you for letting me tag along.

Terroni said...

I've never met a blogging friend in "real life." I have tentative plans with one of them later this year, though. It will be interesting to see how we do and do not match the images we have of each other from blogging.

Cheryl said...

It sounds like yesterday was really good. You got to do stuff you like in your downtime--reading, crocheting, going to Starbucks, meeting your blogging buddies, and hanging out at the hotel with your laptop.

I liked reading all of your versions on meeting each other. Sounds like it was fun for all.

Summer said...

That is so cool that you got to meet both of them.

Safe trip home my friend!