Thursday, June 07, 2007

God's sense of humor

You know when you complain that life is boring and there's just no excitment is right about when you get what you ask for but not quite in the way you'd expect or want it. I often talk about how I have no life, can't get a date and my world consists only of cleaning my house and doing endless amounts of laundry. Sometimes we don't appreciate the mundane life in itself. Take today for example.

It started out as any normal summer day - sleeping late, then going to get my haircut. I came home and blogged a bit, then went to Josh's band concert. We then went to put air in his tires and decided to head up to Amarillo in search of a new bed for him. We actually made it to the first store... sort of. Shortly before we got there the battery light in his car came on and he lost power. Luckily we were still moving so he was able to pull into the store's parking lot. We didn't quite get it into a parking space. This of course is a most inopportune time as both my dad and my brother (the ones that always come to my rescue) are out of town in Mississippi. I call my dad to get the number of his friend who is also a mechanic. I then try to call him for an hour but the number is busy. I did get someone in the store come and help push the car out of the way since it was blocking the lot. Josh and I then walked over to the Chili's restaurant that was close by so he could have lunch. (I already ate earlier) I kept trying to call the guy and kept getting a busy signal. My dad calls me back and I tell him that I'm trying. Now let me add here that I am using Josh's phone. My phone was inconviently left at home. Had I had that phone, I could have called one of my friends that lives in Amarillo to give us a ride back to Canyon and then we could have brought my car back to Amarillo. But no. I didn't have my phone. I really have no other friends that live in Amarillo that I could call. I finally remember my friend Carol who works in Amarillo. I get a phone book while we're sitting at Chili's and give her a call. Although she carpooled with someone else, she assured me that they would be able to give us a ride home when they left work at 5:00. At this point it's about 2:30. I call my dad back and tell him I still can't get a hold of Doug (the mechanic friend of my dad) and he said that he was able to get a hold of him and he'd tried calling me back... on the phone that was at home. I then realize that I am a complete idiot at this point because as I scroll down the numbers called, I realize that the entire time I've been calling him, it's been the wrong number. I dialed 655 as the prefix instead of 622. So I get in touch with Doug and he then says that the car will need to be towed to the shop. Luckily he has a brother that does towing so he gives him a call and calls me back. He said he could get the car but it would be about an hour. At this point Josh is finished with his lunch so we head back to the furniture store to wait for the tow so I can give him the key to the car. The hour actually turns into about two hours. Which I guess isn't a big deal since my friend wouldn't be picking us up until after 5:00. The tow guy arrives a little after 5:00 and gets the car and my friend Carol and her carpool buddy, Gladys arrive around 5:30 and finally we make it home. How's that for excitement?

I don't know what's wrong with the car or what it will take to fix it. I realize I really should quit complaining about my boring life. I have been on the receiving end of God's sense of humor many times and I still haven't learned. At least it came out alright in the end. I just hope and pray that the problem with the car is an easy fix and that Josh will have his transportation back soon.

As soon as I got home, I changed into comfortable clothes and poured myself a glass of wine. I think I've earned it today. And no, we didn't find any beds we liked at the furniture store.

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