Monday, June 11, 2007

Still at a loss

Progress is being made, but very slowly. I could make you a 9 tiered wedding cake as I have enough pans for it. I could also put turkey trimmings on a large platter with all the sides you could think of served on glass trays and bowls. Not only was my mother a good cook, she loved entertaining as well. Most people find cooking a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner a pain, but my mother loved it. I enjoy entertaining as well, but I just don't get the time or really have the friends for it these days. I remember one time when I was married, I went all out for a party making all sorts of appetizers and food etc. and then most of the people didn't even show up. It was because we lived all they way in Canyon which is 15 whole miles from Amarillo. I was very disappointed. Then another time I made a special dinner for my friend Bret and his wife when they were in town visiting and it was cancelled at the last minute when I had just made a huge pot of fettucini alfredo and two rolls of stromboli. I think I finally called my cousin to come over to help eat it, but I ended up throwing quite a bit out because the fettucini isn't very good reheated.
I'm still at a loss what to do with a lot of the stuff I have. I don't need all of it, but there might be a time when I do need 4 loaf pans for something and if I throw the other three out then I'm SOL. I don't use the serving platters much except maybe every five years or so, but they're good to have when you need them. I guess I'll just try to put the things I use seldom use (like the punch bowl and glasses) in the back corners where all the spiders are and just pull them out when I need them. Does anyone need a large cutting board with a silver long-horned cow's head on both ends?

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Terri said...

"Does anyone need a large cutting board with a silver long-horned cow's head on both ends?"

ummm no and I've never heard of such a thing, but you are in Texas right? I guess that fits! :o)